WSO Products: Event Management

If you are running an event and are not sure of which referees to use because of their current level and activity, their availability, or the logistics around getting them to your event, then WSO Event Management is an ideal solution. It removes the stress for you and makes it an enjoyable experience.

What can wso do for you

WSO provides a hassle-free, single-fee, turnkey solution for appointing referees to make the process as seamless as possible. We currently handle the appointment of referees for all PSA World Tour events and are also working closely with many PSA Challenger Tour Events. It is already a requirement to use WSO level 3 theory officials at all PSA World Tour events and a minimum of WSO level 2 for PSA Challenger events.

How do events benefit by using WSO? WSO offers a complete package for a single fee to make appointing referees as logistically seamless as possible. This fee includes the referee’s daily rate, appointment of the referees, travel costs, and other coordination. The sole responsibility for the event is booking the accommodation for the referees. WSO collaborates closely with you to appoint the best officiating team available for the event.


Cost varies depending on the number of referees required, the duration of the event, and the number of courts required.

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