If you are an existing or aspiring referee, a coach, a player, or run an event, WSO can enhance your squash experience.

WSO tutors, appraisers, and coaches are initiative-taking, enthusiastic, and skilled individuals who operate at a world-class level. WSO carefully selects educators to cater to your specific needs.

WSO deliver products of the highest quality that the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and the
World Squash Federation (WSF) endorse

Join other member nations, to bring Consistency and standardisation to officiating

Partner with the WSO for the only officially recognised courses.

WSO Products

WSO products come in various formats and cater for Events, Referees, Coaches, or Players. WSO can develop products as part of a curriculum or as individual sessions, and will fit effectively into your development plan:

  • Referees benefit from a current path that cascades down from the professional game all the way to grassroots officiating.
  • Players benefit from the clarity of the rules, understanding what the referees are looking for, and learning how they can solve traffic issues, movement patterns, or other challenges they may face during matches. Junior players become more comfortable being able to referee and understand the rules. 
  • Coaches benefit from understanding how to coach their players by gaining a deeper understanding of the referee’s current line of thinking regarding decision-making and movement patterns. 
  • Events benefit from a turnkey service that provides active referees with a more consistent line of thinking who have worked their way through the WSO pathway.

Who will benefit from WSO products?

World Squash Officiating (WSO) offers a variety of innovative online and in-person products designed to inspire and educate motivated individuals or groups who want to improve their squash experience by enhancing both their officiating knowledge and the skillset to apply that knowledge. These WSO products help participants develop a richer understanding of the rules, offer insight into player movement patterns and the impact those movements have on referee decision-making, and assist in getting the game to flow effectively.

Event Management

WSO provides a hassle-free, single-fee, turnkey solution for appointing referees to make the process as seamless as possible.

More Info

Further information

For further information regarding any WSO product, contact us at [email protected] and we will help you to put together a specific plan that suits your needs. The above menu of WSO Products is flexible and open to adaptation, given the global and diverse nature of the sport of squash. If you do not see a product here that precisely matches your need, please contact us to discuss how the WSO can create a product to meet that need.

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