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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will the practical assessments work for Level 3 to Level 5?

A. WSO will work with the member nations to ensure the practical appraisals are conducted on appropriate matches within each country.


Q. Why is my WSO Level ‘PENDING’?

A. WSO Levels 2 and above also involve a practical side and requires you to upload certain documents such as Referee Logs and Appraisals in support of your qualification. Documents can be uploaded on your WSO PROFILE page. This practical element has been developed to ensure that you are an active referee, can put your learning into practice and are refereeing at the required standard for the WSO Level. The requirements are listed in the Level Summaries which can be found in the Resources section of the website. Until you have met the practical elements of the course your qualification will be listed as PENDING.


Q. Where do I upload all my feedback information and appraisals?

A. There is a ‘+UPLOAD’ button once you are in the ‘PROFILE’ area that can be used to store all relevant documents.


Q. Am I able to download all the resources from the site?

A. Yes, all resources are in a downloadable format.


Q. Can I save my work and return later?

A. You can visit modules as much as you like. The tests need to be completed in one sitting.


Q. How much will it cost to join and is it an annual fee?

A. There is a price grid on the website and the fees will be annual.


Q. When do I pay?

A.  You pay on completion of the online test. The payment is an annual subscription. 


Q. How does the pricing work when you move up a level?

A. When you progress to the next level you must pay the fee for the new level. However, you will automatically receive a refund for the cost of the previous level on a pro rata basis.


Q. I am already a WSF referee, how do I become a Level 4 or Level 5 referee?

A. Every referee will be required to take the theory test from Level 0 through to Level 5. WSO will work with the member nations to ensure the practical appraisal is conducted on appropriate matches. Squash TV / video evidence will be used to ensure referees are aligned to the new standard. Retrospective matches from January 2019 through to up to date matches may be used as evidence of competency. These matches will be appraised by an approved WSO appraiser. Feedback from all sources will be sought to confirm competency for the respective level. Due to the level of work required it may take time to migrate all information.


Q. Will there be a fast-track process? How will transfer of currents levels work?

A. Every referee will be required to take the theory test from Level 0 through to Level 3. WSO will work with the member nations to ensure the practical appraisal is conducted on appropriate matches within each country.


Q. How do the WSO Levels compare to the previous system used in my country or region?

A. WSO has developed a new system that differs from other previous methods. However, we can provide some examples that can act as a guide and provide you with further understanding. Level 0 is the introductory qualification for newcomers and beginners, Level 1 is the entry-level or club qualification, Level 2 is the equivalent of a county or provincial qualification, Level 3 theory is the equivalent to a National grade, and Level 3 practical is the equivalent of a Regional referee previously. Finally, Levels 4 and 5 are effectively two different levels of the old WSF level.


Q. Do my existing qualifications qualify me automatically for the WSO equivalent?

A. Unfortunately not, because the systems are different. You will need to complete the WSO theory regardless of your current level. However, up-to-date assessments or appraisals used to certify levels previously can be uploaded to your profile and will count towards the practical side of your WSO qualification.


Q. Who needs to certify my practical Level 3?

A. Certification will need to be received from your National Governing Body or Region to confirm that you are currently operating at the appropriate level.


Q. Will I have my own page to upload all my refereeing information?

A. Yes, each person who signs up will have their own referee profile.


Q. Who will have access to my profile and refereeing information?

A. WSO administrators will have access to the information but in full compliance with GDPR.


Q. Where do I check current referee numbers and their levels that have joined from my country?

A. All referees will be able to see all the referees in the directory
Federations will also have access to these details.


Q. How do WSO support a country adopting / implementing the WSO site?

A. WSO will work with member nations on developing their referee pathway, identifying strengths and areas of improvement aligned to the WSO and its website.


Q. Who oversees my country’s database?

A. As well as the WSO, National Federations will have an administrator who can access this.


Q. I am running a referee course in my country, can I use WSO resources?

A. Yes. Please also encourage all referees to use the WSO website.


Q. We currently have no referee set up in our federation, how can we join?

A. You can start your journey as a referee by registering on the WSO website.  WSO will offer support to you and your federation at every step of the way.


Q. We need support with implementing the referee website in our country, how do we progress?

A. WSO will work with regional referees committee to develop referees in your country.


Q. I love refereeing but there is no structure in my country, how do I join?

A. WSO will work with regional referees committee to develop referees in your country, there will be a point of contact in each country.


Q. Will the WSO database be used to appoint referees at future events?

A. Yes, it will be used by PSA and WSF. PSA have made it mandatory for all referees officiating at World Tour Events to hold a minimum of the WSO Level 3 theory qualification. 


Q. Who holds the database with all the referees?

A. The database is held within the WSO site. WSF and PSA will use it to appoint referees. Federations will also be able to get lists of referees for their country.


Q. How do you become an appraiser?

A. There will be bespoke appraiser training modules available in due course for suitably qualified personnel.


Q. If there are no appraisers in a country, how does the referee complete their practical side?

A. If matches are recorded to a sufficient quality and meet with WSO requirements, then appraisals can be organised remotely. WSO requirements include the match being an officially sanctioned match held by an organisation.