Understanding Swing Interference in Squash: A Quick Guide for Everyone 


Squash is a fast-paced and dynamic game that does come with some subjectivity. An aspect that can be confusing is swing interference. In this short guide, we’ll explain the different types of swing interference and when it is a Yes Let, No Let, or Stroke. Let’s make it clear and simple!

Affected Swing vs. Prevented Swing: What’s the Difference?

Affected Swing: Imagine you’re about to hit the ball, but your opponent gets in the way just a little. The question is whether it really messed up your shot or if you could have kept playing. If the direction of the ball only changed a little due to the contact, or you stopped for risk of hitting your opponent and there was a safety element to consider. That’s an affected swing.

Prevented Swing: On the other hand, a prevented swing is when your opponent’s actions actively stop you from completing your shot. It’s a bigger problem than just a little interruption. It’s when you cannot swing because of contact, or because your shot deviates significantly from where you wanted to hit it, or you could not swing because your follow through would have hit your opponent in a dangerous manner.

Yes Let, No Let, Stroke: Figuring Out the Decisions

Yes Let: If your opponent’s position slightly affects your swing, or your shot only deviates from its direction slightly, or there is a risk of safety for your opponent if you swing.

No Let: When your opponent manages to clear and there isn’t any interference or risk of injury. Where you could swing without any risk of safety.

Stroke: If your opponent’s position stops you from being able to swing and hit the ball or makes your shot deviate significantly, or if there is a risk of safety to the point that if you swing, you will definitely hit them so that it would be dangerous.

Swing Interference: Sometimes Tricky to Decide

Deciding on swing interference can be a bit tricky because everything happens so quickly, and you must make a snapshot judgement in the moment.

Conclusion: Watch Our Video for More

This short guide just touches the surface of swing interference in squash. To see real examples and understand more about Yes Let, No Let, and Stroke situations.

In squash, where quick decisions matter, knowing about swing interference can really make a difference. Check out our video to learn more about defining swing interference and improve your squash!


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